Marking on facemasks


In order to avoid the use of the same surgical facemask several times and thus to decrease the risks of Covid-19 infection in the workplace, we offer the printing of the date of use on facemasks distributed to your employees. 

We can offer already printed facemasks or a marking machine to print them internally for more flexibility.

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Automobile Plan Covid-19 is here for the automobile industry in its transition toward a greener car, manufactured localy by modernised and more competitive companies. offers reliable technical and functional marking solutions–like depth control rings–made in France, as well as tracking and quality control tools.

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Color marking on gas bottles

We have developed an autonomous machine for the marking of wide colored stripes on gas bottles after controls and checkings.
The color changes according to the year the bottle has been controled.

Marking on screw-tap

Marking of colour coded rings on screw-taps or drills for diameter and/or thread spotting.

Our machines can be integrated on existing customer manufacturing lines with production rates up to 120 pieces/min, or supplied autonomous, in retake, to answer the needs of small or medium sized series.

Marking of continuous stripe

Marking of identification stripes of different colors on rubber profile, continuously on extrusion line, after salt bath curing.

Portable marking machine

Portable machine for batch number marking in retake for storage.

We offer a support frame option to create a marking workstation dedicated to small series of items of various shapes.

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