DE 120



Presented in three elements which can be collected on a pedestal support or sold separately for assembly on manufacturing line.

  • 1 Engraving box containing the projection pulsator, a filter, a preheating device, the abrasive, a stencil support plate (on demand: fast fastening with stamping machine), and a security screen.
  • 1 Electric masterswitch with temporization for marking depth setting. An impulse activating the marking cycle is communicated, either by the pedal of command, or by the product to mark being detected.
  • 1 Compressed air tank set to the pressure of use which is determined according to the desired quality of engraving (between 4 and 7 bar).

This model can make an engraving with a diameter of 80 mm or an etching with a diameter of 120 mm.


  • For an engraving with a maximum diameter of 40 mm, the DE 40 model is available. Its technical characteristics and its size are identical to the DE 120, however it doesn't have an air tank.
  • For rectangular or big engravings, a special machine with mobile projection heads can be supplied. The marking operation is automatically performed according to a cycle determined by the shape of the product to mark.
  • For the identification, on production lines or storage, of heavy products, we can supply an etching machine by pulsator. The recycling of the abrasive is done by a special flexible tube.
  • The engraving, which can be performed on fragile or thin pieces, is done in 3 or 5/10th of a second.
  • The stencils we supply can be of your texts, logo, drawings, etc.
  • The abrasive was created for an extensive use and is very resistant.
  • Double face adhesive and rubber seal are supplied for proper use. Putting the stencil on the support must be done with care.


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