In order to fully control the entire process of marking on production line, we can offer you our expertise in the manufacture and production of various consumables required for use of our machines:

Our special inks:

  • Our standard colors (white, yellow, green, red, blue, aluminum, purple and black) are available and on request we can conduct for any other RAL a search of shade.
  • They can adapt to your different process: resist high temperatures, withstand specific mechanical treatments, resist chemical treatments made ​​before or after marking...
  • We can also offer our optical recognized inks that allow automatic detection of your mark while avoiding the difficulties associated with the development of learning color detector.
  • We also offer our range of water soluble ink, our underlayer inks for improved reading of bar code or DataMatrix code, our instant-drying carbonated ink...
  • The composition and viscosity of our inks are studied to suit the various machines we offer, namely:
    • Contact.
    • Photogravure.
    • Single point inkjet.
    • Piezzo Inkjet...

Our cleaners

Our various cleaners can effectively clean your set maintaining the quality of parts and other sensitive rubber.