PA 3260


  • A pneumatic explosion-proof ink jet pulsator, ref.: PA 3260/NC or PL.
  • An electric interface for pneumatic pulsator with standard connector.
  • An explosion-proof agitation box with an ink circulation system and an ink bottle with visible level (or automatic level detector) and semi automatic cleaning system with purge.
  • A system of manual or automatic valves for maintenance operations, ink color changes or resupply.
  • An electric connector to link the pulsator to the default managing system (automatic or manual).
  • A technical booklet for use and maintenance, with bill of materials and list of spare parts.


  • Voltage: 24Vdc or 48V50Hz.
  • Power: 40 VA.
  • Response delay: 0.01 second.
  • Available ink: permanent, fast drying, remanent, soluble in the water, resisting high temperatures or UV.
  • Some instantaneously drying inks can be used on a wet or oiled surface.
  • Standard ink colors: red, blue, green, silver, white, black, yellow, brown, purple, orange (other Pantone colors available on demand).
  • Pressure of compressed air: filtered, regulated at 5 bars.
  • For some inks or for very specific uses, we advise our customers the use of a pressurized steel bottle, avoiding the use of an agitator. Of a more reduced size, these steel bottles can be used on construction sites or low accessibility conveyor lines.
  • The response delay of this pulsator being extremely short, it can be programmed by an electric impulse, adjustable by detection, by temporization, etc.
  • An electric cupboard of command can be supplied with possibility of selection of the colors (use of several pulsators), for color coding, default spotting, internal traceability with bar code or dot code, etc.
  • In steelwork or in foundry, a similar machine, a powderer, can mark products with a white stain at 1000°C or 1500°C on the line. Consult us.


Every element can be sold separately, assembled on an independent column stand or integrated on the conveyor line. The delivery, set up and start on site can be taken care of by our team.

In order for us to give you an estimate suited to your needs, do not hesitate to fill our online technical form or to send us your specifications via email.